Diving in Sicily

Sicily offers submerged corners of paradise to be discovered. Marine protected areas, wrecks, depths of archaeological interest. If Sicily amazes you on dry land, you have no idea of ​​the treasures it holds in its depths. Diving in Sicily is today simple and easy at the same time. Submerged landscapes await you in every tourist corner of the island. So let's see a list of the most interesting and inevitable dives to do.

Did you know that in Sicily there are over 20 underwater archeology itineraries? That's right, the Sicilian seabeds are "Underwater worlds to be discovered". But what does this mean? It means that the richness of the seabed in Sicily has allowed the creation of a network of underwater museums, at the bottom of the sea, which can be visited with scuba diving guided by the best local diving instructors.

At the bottom of the sea of ​​Sicily there are wrecks but also archaeological finds of historical importance such as fragments of amphorae and pottery but if you prefer nature, some sites also have a high landscape and naturalistic value, given by the presence of local fauna and flora.

We have selected the best itineraries and we can't wait to introduce you to what we have to offer you. The tours are all customizable. Do you want some ideas? Here is a preview of our brochure that you can request by contacting.

Do you want to try an unforgettable experience?

Get inspired:
  • Ustica (PA)

  • Aspre (PA)

  • Cefalù (PA)
  • Filicudi (Aeolin Islands)
  • Panarea  (Aeolin Islands)
  • Taormina (ME)
  • Acitrezza (CT)
  • Noto (SR)
  • Marzameni (SR)
  • Capo Passero (SR)
  • Favignana (TP)
  • San Vito Lo Capo (TP)
  • Pantelleria (TP)