the sicilian villages

There is an island known to all, an island of crystal clear sea, fiery sunsets, millenary temples and some of the best food in Italy. Then there is a Sicily on which world tourism has not yet turned the spotlight: it’s all about inland and coastal villages that still live on fishing and artisan traditions. It is the Sicily made of small houses with balconies overlooking the sea, made of narrow streets and stairways. The island of children playing in the street and the elderly standing at the doorstep. From tiny fishing or mountain villages passing through the small hilly ones: there are the villages not to be missed in Sicily. Places where life is made of family quality time and where details of everyday life are appreciated. Sicily is a big island but only a few really know it. With the exception of Mount Etna, Palermo, Catania and a few other naturalistic areas known to tourists, the villages we offer are unknown to most. Visiting these villages is a wonderful opportunity to get in touch with the most authentic soul of Sicily, the one made of true love, good food and breathtaking architectural views. Wherever you go, there is a village in our beautiful Sicily that deserves to be discovered.

We have thought of an exclusive itinerary that can be adapted to your requests. You just have to ask what you want to discover and we'll take care of the rest.