New york

If you can dream it, you can do it! (Walt Disney)

"New York is always a good idea", we definitely second that. The most populous city in America offers anything a traveler expects from a trip. To us, NYC longtime lovers, taking you to this city does not mean offering our assistance just for a plane ticket and the hotel that best meets your needs. New York is much more. We have visited New York dozens of times, lived there for some time and now we just look forward to sharing the best of the city that never sleeps with you. New York welcomes everyone and there are so many things to visit that it will be difficult not to take a piece of this city in your heart home with you.

Let’s begin with some very good news which becomes simply wonderful if you think that we are all looking forward to returning to travel soon: all seasons and all months of the year in New York have something magical to offer. Never make the mistake of thinking NYC is just Manhattan. New York is spread over an extensive territory with five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island. Many mistakenly think that a trip to New York automatically means Manhattan. Nothing could be more wrong! We are here to advise you and structure an itinerary for you that will ensure you do not lose the thousand faces of this city. A dive into the thousand cultures that identifies the magic that only in this city can you find.

Our “experience packages” are now available and can be shared upon request at any time. Just have a look at our services that we can offer and ask for more information.

Our services

  1. Round trip private transfer Airport (all NYC airports)/hotel (car, limousine, minivan)
  2. 24h assistance
  3. Customized itineraries for groups or families
  4. Medical health insurance (covid-19 coverage included)
  5. Travel cancellation insurance
  6. Assistance with pre-departure procedures
  7. NYC Citypass
  8. Platz Travel city guide

Our Packages

New york classic

As already mentioned, we often speak of New York just thinking of the island of Manhattan, where there’s everything you visit in a typical tourist itinerary of the city. If you are visiting NYC for the first time, this package could be a good compromise to not miss the best of Manhattan by following the suggestions of our exclusive guide that we will give you before departure. Manhattan is such a vibrant district that you won't know where to start. The food is also a real attraction that will take you around the world while staying in the same place. This tour will focus on this wonderful district for which we recommend a minimum stay of 5 nights.

New York family

Are you going on vacation to New York with your children? Museums, entertainment and attractions suitable for children are certainly anywhere in the Big Apple. Do not be surprised if as soon as you arrive, your children will always be with their noses upwards thrilled by the sight of magnificent skyscrapers and their thousand lights. You don't have to worry too much about special itineraries for your little ones, many of New York's museums and attractions are designed for the whole family. From museums to Central Park, from the Bronx Zoo to the world famous Coney Island Luna Park, we guarantee that the whole family will be thrilled! This tour focuses on tailor-made itineraries for your family for which we recommend a minimum stay of 5 nights.

Hang out New York

Certainly, it is the most requested package made for groups of friends who can't wait to enjoy New York day and night. Beyond the classic tour that we will offer you, with this package you will discover the best of the city that never sleeps. We boast exclusive partnerships with the best clubs and restaurants in Manhattan, the most spectacular rooftops and the secret NYC that will leave you speechless. Before departure you will receive our exclusive guide and you will have the possibility of our 24h assistance in English. This tour focuses on itineraries built for nightlife lovers (remember, you must be 21+ to enter the venues) for which we recommend a minimum stay of 6 nights.

New York Spectacular

Lovers of musicals, concerts and TV series? This package is definitely for you! Many of you always ask us in which part of the city movies or your favorite TV series are shot. We know it! Our exclusive guide will take you step by step to the most famous places in the city and who knows, it's not too difficult to get around the city and find yourself in the middle of a set. What are you saying? Would you like to see a musical? It's Broadway, baby! With us, you can buy tickets for your favorite musical and we will assist you until the day of the show. If you prefer some good music, you are definitely choosing the right city.

From still unknown musicians you can meet along the streets to world celebrities, New York records around 6,000 concerts every year. From the Radio City Music Hall to the glorious Madison Square Garden passing through live music venues, we will be able to help you choose the best and quickly buy your ticket. This tour focuses on itineraries built for music lovers and NYC at night (remember, +21 years is required to enter some of the venues you will find in your exclusive guide) for which we suggest a minimum stay of 6 nights.

Wedding in New York

Lovers, this package is definitely made for you! We have received so many requests that it is now finally possible to get married in New York with us! If you are thinking of getting married, why not do it in the most original way? Who asks us to get married in New York does it for various reasons, one for all? It's New York!

Many couples choose to get married in this magical city to forever take a memory of a warm and unforgettable city. So, if you are looking for an original wedding different from the others and, read this, much cheaper, you just have to pack your stuff.

We will assist you throughout the entire process (documents included), we will offer you our assistance in English and we will organize the most envied wedding of the year! Whether it's the City Hall, the wonderful romantic setting of Central Park or the Brooklyn Bridge, in New York you can promise eternal love wherever you want. Persuaded enough? Perfect! We are ready and you just have to practice in the mirror and repeat "I do".